Remote power upgrades


The Northern Territory Government will invest $2 million over the next two years to advance the delivery of clean and reliable electricity to remote communities.

The investment will enable government to guarantee affordable, green, stable power for locals. It will also provide certainty around land, as well as demand needed to facilitate private sector-led delivery of remote power system services.

A key part of this investment is developing an open and contestable delivery framework to facilitate around $400 million of private investment in remote power system services to communities supplied by the Indigenous Essential Services.

The framework aligns with the recommendations of the Territory Economic Reconstruction to transition remote power systems for 72 remote communities’ services by the Indigenous Essential Services program to renewable-based systems by 2030.

The Northern Territory Government is proposing to undertake a two-stage competitive process to secure the delivery of renewable energy, following project assessments and community engagement.

The competitive process will focus on maximising opportunities for local industries, creating jobs for Territorians and building local skills and expertise.

Paddock of solar panels

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