Mooving in the right direction


Jodi Brown has three highly personal reasons for being immersed in the disability services industry.

She has four children - three of them with disabilities.

“I understand what it’s like to be a client, to be someone struggling to access the right service.”

Jodi owns Darwin-based Supporting Moo - a name derived from the fact that she likes helping people and loves cows.

She started as a one-woman show, but in the past year, despite COVID-19, has grown to having a staff of 12.

“I think I’ve done well because I’ve been creative in my approach and in recognising gaps in the market.”

For instance, Supporting Moo offers a string of after-school activities for children.

“There was very little for them and I could see that something had to be done.”

Jodi’s success has been helped by support from the Territory Government’s Employment Solutions Program, which is run by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

“The program helped me understand how to employ staff properly,” she says. “It taught me all my obligations, everything from pay to workplace safety.”

Jodi sought government help even though her business was doing well - demonstrating that companies don’t have to be struggling to get support to do better.

The Employment Solutions Program is open to private business, not-for-profit organisations and Aboriginal enterprises.

Help is offered to help business owners:

  • better understand the importance of workforce productivity, staff development, engagement, retention and training requirements
  • develop sound employment practices that support a sustainable workforce
  • identify and address legislative and regulatory obligations
  • draw up a workforce plan.

If you would like to discuss your circumstances or you’re looking for support under one of the department’s business programs please contact our small business champions team by phone 08 8999 5479 or email

Jodie Brown received support from the Employment Solutions Program

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