Citrus canker has been eradicated from the NT


Citrus canker is a bacterial disease of citrus plants and was detected in the Northern Territory in April 2018 and has now been eradicated thanks to the support of the local community and industry.

The National Citrus Canker eradication program ran over three years encompassing a range of activities in: community and industry engagement, compliance, movement controls, treatment, tracing, surveillance, epidemiology, diagnostics, science and recovery.

Nationally, the citrus industry is valued at $942 million, with exports valued at around $508 million, whilst the Australian nursery sector is valued at $2.6 billion supplying nursery stock into citrus industry and retail supply chains.

After a significant effort over three years, the Territory is now free of citrus canker with proof of freedom signed by the National Management Group for Biosecurity on 8 April 2021.

This means that nationally, industry will continue to access important international markets and locally, our growers will be able to move plants and plant-related products interstate without additional treatments or inspections. This is important for ensuring our growers remain competitive and profitable.

The Northern Territory is now free of citrus canker with the community and industry now free to plant and move citrus plants.

Thank you for your support to eradicate citrus canker - Plant. Monitor. Report.

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