Prepare your pets for the wet


Cyclone season has officially begun! Now is the time to start preparing for the wet season.

All pet owners have a responsibility to take care of their pets. Think about your animals and include them in your household emergency plan.

When planning how to take care of your pets in a cyclone, you should:

  • include your pets in your household emergency plan
  • investigate undercover carparks where you can shelter in your car with pets if they are properly restrained
  • ensure pets are microchipped and have a collar tag with your phone number
  • keep a list of emergency phone numbers, including your vet, RSPCA and local council.

Leaving your pets at home should always be a last resort. If you have to leave your pets during an emergency:

  • confine them in rooms with small or no windows with their bedding and toys
  • provide enough food and water to last three days
  • leave their info, medication and their vet records in a waterproof container
  • leave your pets untied if you leave them outside.

To find your nearest cyclone shelter or carpark shelter or to find out further details about what to do to prepare for the wet season go to SecureNT.

Have a plan, don’t wait until it’s too late!

Two dogs with their human

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