The next generation of Young Leaders


Welcome to the new YLG members.

The Young Leaders Group (YLG) has welcomed four new members:

  • Lisa Howat, Environmental Scientist, Mines
  • Gretel Bailey-Preston, Livestock Officer, Agriculture
  • Eleanor Fordyce, Beef Cattle Research Officer, Agriculture
  • Mitchell Beagley, Aquaculture Technician, Fisheries

Originally formed in early 2019 to find new ways of engaging young staff, the YLG’s role is to provide input and advice to the Board of Management (BoM) on achieving the Strategic Plan and the broader direction of the department.

The YLG aims to improve networking, communication and development opportunities for young people by generating opportunities to form supportive networks, develop skills and provide an ongoing channel for communication between young and senior executive staff.

Lisa Howat, Gretal Bailey-Preston, Elanor Fordyce, Mitchell Beagley - New members of YLG

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