Spotlight on modern cotton


The Department of Primary Industry and Resources Senior Research Agronomist Ian Biggs will join an expert panel on Friday 19 June at 12pm for NT Farmers ‘Growing our Territory’ webinar series.

Episode 8 of the NT Farmers webinar series will focus on Modern Cotton and the potential opportunities it presents for growers in the Northern Territory.

Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of cotton with more than 90% of cotton produced being exported, generating an average of $1.9 billion in export revenue annually. Cotton research and cultivation has a long history in the NT and there have been numerous studies on growing cotton on a commercial basis. Research has included enhancing understanding of disease and pest resistance, crop yield and fibre quality to support industry viability assessments and has reinforced the significant opportunity to develop cotton as a cornerstone of a broad, diversified cropping industry in the NT.

Ian will be joined by NT Farmers CEO Paul Burke, Executive Director at Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) Ian Taylor, and Research Direction and Stewardship Policy Officer Sally Ceeney.


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