Procurement framework updates


The Northern Territory Government is updating its procurement framework to provide more transparency.

In Quotations and Tenders Online (QTOL) there is a new description field within future tender opportunities, current tenders and awarded contracts. This will provide greater awareness for tenderers about the requirements of the tender.

You can now find out the following information in the awarded contracts section of QTOL:

  • advice of all contracts awarded valued at $15,000 and over
  • the full address details of successful contractors, and
  • justification for select tenders valued at $100,000 and over.

To view the updates, go to Quotations and Tenders Online.

Below is a summary of other changes to the procurement framework that took effect on 1 July 2020:

  • for tenders valued at $500,000 and over, there are restrictions on the reasons that exemptions from public tenders can be issued
  • complaints relevant to possible corruption will be referred to the Independent Commissioner Against Crime with no prejudice to an entity’s future tender prospects.

To read the updated procurement rules, go to the Northern Territory Government website.

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