New artificial reefs at Stokes Hill Wharf


Land-based anglers are the latest Territory fishos to benefit from 15 new artificial reefs.

This project is part of the Northern Territory Government’s investment to improve recreational fishing opportunities. The deployment of the initial artificial reefs last year has proved a hit with fisherman with access to a boat, but now land-based fishermen too have cause to rejoice!

These new reefs were the idea of local business Shorelands and were produced in conjunction with Subcon Technologies at no extra cost to government during the construction of larger reef modules for the artificial reef project last year.

The 15 new artificial reefs have been deployed in front of the fishing platform at Stokes Hill Wharf. Darwin Water Front Corporation has recently completed a refurbishment of the recreational fishing platform providing a great opportunity for land-based anglers to access a safe and productive location, enhanced by the new reef modules. Boat fisherman are excluded from the area which can only be fished by land-based anglers.

Recreational fishing is a key part of the Territory lifestyle. The installation of purpose-built artificial reefs, accessed by boat or land, not only deliver exciting new fishing areas, but also reduces pressure on existing natural reef and fish stocks to support the long-term sustainability of key fisheries.

The artificial reefs are designed to combine the best features of a natural reef with internal caves, cryptic habitat, vertical relief and upwelling of water flow to create new habitats enhancing productivity of fish stocks.

For more information visit the Northern Territory Government website.

Artifical Reefs - Stokes Hill Wharf

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