Melon food safety webinar


The melon food safety webinar will focus on food safety control measures.

Aimed at supporting the melon industry with evidence-based best practice on food safety, this session will focus on food safety control measures.

‘Safe Melons’ is an initiative of the New South Wales (NSW) Department of Primary Industries (DPI) supporting the Australian melon industry with scientific evidence-based best practice on food safety.

This collaborative initiative is supported nationally by Hort Innovation, the Australian Melon Association, state government agencies and growers’ organisations. As part of the initiative, the webinar will focus on critical food safety control measures in growing and packing all types of melons.

Prior to the webinar participants are encouraged to access the melon food safety resources available online at NSW DPI’s website.


Dr S.P. Singh is a Horticultural Food Safety Scientist at the NSW DPI currently researching ways to mitigate food safety risks to horticultural industries and consumers. Dr Singh has worked with the Australian melon industry for over five years and brings a wealth of practical knowledge and experience in managing food safety risks in the industry.


Friday 3 July 2020 at 3pm ACST

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