Heading out this weekend with your dog?


Protect your dog from ehrlichiosis, an exotic tick-borne dog disease confirmed in the Northern Territory, when heading out and about with your furry friend this weekend.

The spread of infectious disease are increased when dogs are brought together in shared environments such as dog clubs, obedience schools and dog parks. Make sure your dog’s tick, flee, worm and vaccinations are up to date to reduce disease transmission.

Inspect your dog’s daily for ticks, especially if they have been in a tick-infested areas. Run your fingers through your pet’s coat over their skin, feeling for abnormal bumps. Pay particular attention to the head and neck, chest, between their toes and around their mouths and gums.

If you find ticks on your dog, consult your vet for appropriate tick control and seek veterinary attention immediately if your pet is showing ehrlichiosis signs such as fever, lethargy and weight loss.

If you suspect your dog is showing signs of the disease, report it to your local vet or the national Emergency Animal Disease Watch hotline 1800 675 888.

For more information go to the NT Government website.

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