Educating students on sustainable fishing


As part of Science Week 2020, the Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR) Fisheries Division delivered a webinar to students from Katherine’s School of the Air.

The remote students from Nhulunbuy to the South Australia border and in-between, engage in online distance education. “We have a number of keen anglers in our Middle Years who are interested to learn about the fishing industry and how it is managed in the NT” said teacher Melina Benson.

Presented by DPIRs Wildstock Fishery Manager Brian Boyle, the Zoom webinar introduced the Fisheries Division and their role in managing sustainability in the Northern Territory. The session, attended by 30 students ranging from grade 1-10 included a discussion on what a fishery is and how the department collects and uses data.

“There was great interaction with the students throughout the session with many questions ranging from how to tell a fish’s age, to working at Fisheries and scary crocodile encounters’ said Brian Boyle.

The Northern Territory Government is committed to expanding and improving recreational and commercial fishing to optimise the lifestyle and economic value to the NT and DPIR supports this by enhancing sustainability of fish stocks in the Territory.

For more information visit the NT Government website

Sustainable Fishing Webinar

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