Teaching the next generation of fish guardians


Last month, the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade’s Fisheries Division piloted their newly developed education resource, the Fish Guardians remote schools program at the Arnhem Land Marine Science Camp.

The three day camp hosted in Garthalala homelands by the Laynapuy homelands under their ‘Learning on country’ program. This camp provided 48 children between the ages 10 and 16 years old with a hands-on experience and learning about sea country, with classes taking place on the beach and in a billabong.

The remote schools program focusses on maintaining healthy waterways with portions of the program taught in-language and incorporating cultural practices. This two way learning  approach provides an opportunity for children to learn about scientific names and practices while being able to incorporate traditional language and methods to teach future generations how best to protect native fisheries.

The Fish Guardians program is scheduled to be officially launched early in 2021 with implementation into the Greater Darwin curriculum in Terms two and three.

Next generation of fish guardians

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