Prepare your livestock for emergencies


Cyclone season is here! As a livestock owner, you need to make sure your animals are prepared for emergencies. Prepare your livestock emergency plan and include relocation arrangements, infrastructure planning, identification markings, food, water and emergency contact numbers.

How to prepare:

  • check whether local arrangements cater for the relocation of livestock
  • coordinate livestock relocation with neighbours, friends or livestock associations as soon as possible
  • fit gates on internal fences to avoid moving livestock on public roads
  • if you have to relocate your livestock, make sure you have completed all National Livestock Identification System requirements
  • make sure your NT Property Identification Code (PIC) and brand registers are up to date.

If you have to leave your livestock in an emergency:

  • place them under a solid cover, such as a stable, shed or covered yard
  • in a flood, move your livestock to higher ground with adequate natural feed
  • check your fences are secure
  • leave food and water for at least five days
  • tie down or store loose objects.

To find out further details about what to do to prepare for the wet season go to SecureNT.

Have a plan, don’t wait until it’s too late!


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