Make your pets safety, your priority these holidays


Looking after a pet is a huge commitment. If you are considering buying a pet this Christmas, make sure you have the time and money to look after it.

If you already have pets, don’t forget to work out who will be looking after your pet while you’re away from home.

With a range of local boarding kennels, house and pet sitters as well as reliable friends and neighbours, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

If you’re staying at home but attending an official fireworks event, plan ahead to make sure your pet stays safe:

  • make sure your pet is microchipped and registered
  • bring them indoors
  • leave the TV or radio on to block out the noise
  • use comfort items like toys and blankets
  • make sure your fences are secure

More information about responsible pet ownership can be found on the NT Government website.

Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and mice dressed in red Christmas hats

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