Rum Jungle repairs and maintenance to commence soon


Repairs and maintenance work will soon commence on the cover system at the waste rock dump at Rum Jungle Creek South.

The maintenance works on the waste rock dump will improve the existing cover system to ensure the site remains stable and pollution-free.

Maintenance of the waste rock dump cover system is being undertaken as part of the department's Project Agreement for Stage 2A rehabilitation planning for the former Rum Jungle mine site, which was signed in September 2017. Under the agreement, $10 million has been allocated from the federal budget towards the project.

Northern Territory company Aldebaran Contracting was awarded a $1.9 million contract to complete the works.

Maintenance works will ensure the long term integrity of the cover system by using clean, compacted material to reshape and recover a part of the dump and repair eroding drainage structures. Upon completion of earthworks the waste rock dump and borrow areas will be revegetated with native flora.

Public access to the site will be closed for the duration of the works. This includes the recreational use of the lake and the immediate area. The site will be reopened for public use upon completion of the maintenance works.

Rum Jungle Creek South was mined for uranium from 1961 to 1963. Waste rock generated from the mining of the pit is stored on site. In the early 1990s a cover system was placed on the waste rock dump.

The Northern Territory Government has been working with the Australian Government and Traditional Owners, the Kungarakan and Warai peoples, since 2009 to develop a preferred rehabilitation strategy for the former Rum Jungle mine site.

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