Extending beyond the dry times


The most recent department field day proved a success with 65 producers, researchers and industry stakeholders converging on the Old Man Plains (OMP) Research Station to learn more about building resilience through the dry times.

OMP is located approximately 20 kilometres south of Alice Springs. Managed by the Northern Territory Government since 2003, it provides an integral base for Central Australian cattle and land management research. Beyond the dry times was the first field day to take place at OMP since 2013.

Topics included:

  • an overview of informed decision making in agribusiness – including benchmarks and tipping points in herd structure, grazing and business
  • a look at the main climate drivers for the central Australian region and how that affects long-term weather forecasting
  • the story of OMP and how variable grazing strategies implemented at the right time have significantly improved the land condition
  • the importance in bridging the gap between community knowledge and attitudes about animal welfare, and producer practices and behaviour
  • a summary of the wild dog project
  • recent research on calf loss.

The field day also featured animated panel discussions about on each of the key topics of business, animal welfare and Northern Territory government research.

Field days are important component of the department’s extension program.

They facilitate:

  • the uptake of research and technology on farm to improve outcomes for Northern Territory producers
  • two way discussion between producers and researchers to provide significant insight into perspectives
  • networking opportunities between producers to discuss shared challenges, solutions and ideas.
Beyond the dry times - Old Man Plains

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