Reserved blocks declared


The Northern Territory Government has now declared 11% of the Northern Territory (NT) a reserved block under the Petroleum Act.

Reserved blocks in the NT are being declared in four stages known as tranches and under Tranche 1, 94 areas are now declared reserve blocks under s9 of the Petroleum Act

The implementation for no-go zones in Tranche 1, coupled with declaring areas where there is no petroleum potential, will see 11% of the declared NT a no go zone.

A reserved block is land that is not able to be considered as part of a land release for exploration and companies are not able to apply for an exploration permit or licence for these areas.

Once all the tranches have been completed, about 49% of the Territory will have been identified to be protected from petroleum activity.

The Reserved Blocks are declared through a gazettal process.

Government is also including the municipalities of Katherine and Alice Springs as a reserved block as well as the Alice Springs airport and the two bore fields that are the current and future town water supply for Alice Springs’, being the Roe Creek and Rocky Hill bore fields.

For more information on reserved blocks go to the NT Government website.

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