2019 bull sale results


The Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR) held their annual bull sale on 18 June via an online auction.

DPIR presented 98 bulls for auction this year which were products of the Selected Braham and Composite programs, and were a balance between reproductive soundness and growth.

The Selected Brahman and Composite programs are designed to objectively select for fertility, functionality and adaptation whilst maintaining growth under Northern Territory (NT) conditions.

The sale drew an overall clearance rate of 63%, with Braham’s clearing 93% of sale. The top bull was a Brahman which sold for $4,000, while the sales average was just under $2,500 each.

These cattle are bred in the Northern Territory, are adapted to the climate and conditions, and are generally very productive. The herd bulls produced from the programs are progeny from cows that have low age of puberty and are able to reconceive whilst lactating. The ability to conceive while lactating is a moderately heritable trait passed onto their daughters who become the makeup of the breeder herd.

Bull selection is critical for profitability as the number of calves produced by breeder herds in 10 years can be attributed to the type of bull selected today. A selectively bred bull in an equal or harsher environment than your own is highly likely to produce calves that are highly adapted and productive in your environment.

DPIR looks forward to presenting more bulls for auction from these projects in 2020.

For more information please contact the Katherine Research Station 08 8973 9749 or Paul McCormick from Elders Katherine 08 8972 2500.

Top priced bull

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