New citrus canker detection in Durack


As a result of continued efforts to trace plants infected with the citrus canker disease as well as assistance from the community, the Citrus Canker Emergency Response Team has successfully identified another plant infected with citrus canker. Located on a residential property in Durack, this is the 14th infected plant found in the Northern Territory since the first citrus canker detection in April 2018.

The new infected plant, which was traced back to the original source of the disease, was located on the outskirts of the existing Palmerston restricted area. As a result of this detection, the boundaries for this restricted area have been amended to include an additional 281 properties.

Maps of all the restricted areas in the NT can be found on the Northern Territory Government website.

The Citrus Canker Response Team will communicate directly with each new household and business in the Palmerston restricted area to coordinate surveillance of the properties and removal of citrus canker host plants.

Further information, view the media release.

A citrus plant showing signs of citrus canker

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