Mineral lease granted for Territory’s first lithium mine


A mineral lease has been granted for a new lithium mine about 90km south of Darwin.

The mining project is being developed by Lithium Developments (Grants NT) Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX-listed Core Lithium Ltd.

The project has the capacity to provide up to 150 jobs in construction and 90 direct jobs in operations.

The proposed open cut mining operation will use conventional mining techniques to target pegmatite hosted lithium deposits.

The ore will be crushed, screened and processed using water to produce a concentrate. No chemical processing is required and the concentrate will be trucked by road to Darwin Port for export.

Lithium raw materials are the vital ingredient for lithium-ion battery technology. The growth in lithium-ion batteries is driven by demand for electric vehicles and energy storage and the current global boom in lithium battery storage is expected to continue into the future.

The initial mine life is expected to be up to three years, however there is significant potential to extend. Recent drilling programs have identified additional resources within close proximity to the grants deposit.

Construction is scheduled to start on the project late this year and production scheduled to commence during 2020.


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