Tackling hairy issues: wild dog management workshop


A successful wild dog management workshop was hosted by the Alice Springs Pastoral Industry Advisory Committee (ASPIAC) at the Arid Zone Research Institute (AZRI) in early December.

The full day workshop was attended by 13 local pastoralists, and covered a range of issues including:

  • ecology and biology
  • management objectives
  • monitoring impacts on livestock and dog activity
  • theories of chemical and physical management
  • 1080 legislation
  • animal welfare considerations
  • and how to operate the Feral Scan App.

Guest speakers included:

  • Nicole Hayes from Undoolya Station
  • John Tyne, Wildlife Ranger with Parks and Wildlife
  • Sally Heaton, Operations Manager for Chemical Regulations
  • Will Dobbie, Wild Dog Project Research Officer.

Wild dogs include dingoes, feral domestic dogs and hybrids.  Some are known to pose a risk to livestock, and management is needed to control the number of feral domestic dogs and hybrids while protecting purebred dingoes. Dingoes are classified as protected wildlife in the NT, and because management doesn’t discriminate between the different varieties, all wild dog control work should be actioned under a permit.

There are many complexities in effectively managing wild dogs when considering all of the social, environmental and economic impacts. The workshop allowed land managers and researchers to discuss these complexities and work together to tackle the challenge together.

“It was a very interesting day providing practical information. All speakers provided a toolbox of knowledge to assist with the control of wild dogs,” Nicole Hayes said.

“It was an excellent opportunity for discussions between land managers, dog management experts and researchers to take place. We swapped ideas about what works and what doesn’t. Land managers are being more strategic in their approach to dog management - I hope there’s more workshops in the future,” Sally Heaton said.

To keep informed of future events in Central Australia, email Meg Humphrys, Pastoral Extension Officer at meg.humphrys@nt.gov.au

Wild dog workshop

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