Restricted area for the control of citrus canker removed in Katherine


The citrus canker restricted area in Katherine was removed on 20 November, with affected residents in Cossack now able to replant citrus on their properties.

In June 2018, a  plant with citrus canker was detected in Cossack. A restricted area was  gazetted around the infected plant and all citrus canker host plants were  removed from the restricted area by late 2018. The area has remained free of citrus  canker host plants for the required time period, and there has been no evidence  of citrus canker disease during regular checks. As a result, the restrictions  have been lifted in Katherine.

A quarantine  control area remains in place for the Katherine local government area. Citrus  plants, fruit and leaves cannot be moved outside this control area without a  permit. They can, however, be moved around freely within the control area.

Twelve restricted  areas remain in the greater Darwin area, including in the northern suburbs,  Palmerston, Humpty Doo, Howard Springs and Lambells Lagoon. Citrus canker host  plants cannot be grown in, moved from or into the restricted areas. Affected  residents will be advised when these restrictions are removed.

Citrus plants,  including lemons, limes and grapefruit, in the greater Darwin and Katherine  areas continue to be checked for citrus canker disease. Building evidence that the  disease is no longer in the Territory keeps us on track for proving freedom  from the disease, and the lifting of all restrictions by the end of 2020.

Residents with  citrus plants are encouraged to book a free plant health check by:

  • calling  or texting the program team on 0436 643 470
  • emailing
  • submitting  an online report
Citrus Canker
Citrus canker on lime leaf

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