Construction of Molecular Diagnostic Wing to commence


Construction of the new molecular diagnostic wing (MDW) at the Berrimah Farm Science Precinct will commence soon, with local company Jaytex awarded the contract for the build.

The high-tech facility will be one of a number of new buildings at the redeveloped Berrimah Farm Science Precinct and will support current operations for Northern Territory Government initiatives and future operations of northern Australia.

Once operational, the MDW will enable the Northern Territory to continue to deliver essential biosecurity, research and development projects to support development of agricultural industries and market access.

The building will be constructed with inherent capacity and flexibility to attract and promote collaboration in the field of molecular science, maximising capability to scale up activities in the event of a biosecurity response with the ability to hold the appropriate containment levels to handle potential exotic plant and animal disease incursions.

The MDW is a joint venture between the Department of Primary Industry and Resources and the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, with $3.5 million allocated by the Australian Government. The Northern Territory Government has invested $4.535 million.

The MDW is expected to be fully operational to support plant and animal molecular diagnostics and high level quarantine functionality in July 2020.

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