Integrated pest management field walk


The Department of Primary Industry and Resources’ (DPIR) partnership with the Northern Territory Farmers Association (NTFA) allows industry stakeholders access to valuable information and resources.

A recent field day on soil health and integrated pest management (IPM) for crops was a recent opportunity for this to happen, with farmers, scientists and anyone in between came together at Coastal Plains Research Farm to share information about this.

Initiating a trial in early 2017 at Coastal Plains for demonstration plots including okra and snake bean, the IPM techniques demonstrate biosecurity management featuring significantly reduced chemical sprays, instead focusing on a natural approach.

IPM is known as an environmentally sensitive approach to dealing with plant pests. Entomologists from the department have been looking at insects that are considered pests and those that can be beneficial in the field, showing growers the potential impact.

IPM programs use current, comprehensive information about the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment, mitigating the risk from beetles, bugs, caterpillars, flies, mealybugs, scales, termites and thrips.

Participants were delivered information from DPIR’s Principal Entomologist by Dr Brian Thistleton, Territory NRM’s Jacob Betros, EE Muir’s and Sons, Simone Cameron and NTFA’s Greg Owens.

The attendees were also given the chance to, through a microscope, witness some of the beneficial insects that are invisible to the naked eye before being shown the demonstration plots and the interaction of the beneficials amongst the plants.

Intergrated Pest Management Coastal Plains 2019

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