Trial implemented for fossicking consents


Persons looking to fossick on reserved land will now be issued Northern Territory Government consents for up to two weeks at a time, as part of a trial to improve safety and foster stronger understanding between fossickers and pastoralists.

Previously, government consents were issued for the period requested by the persons intending to fossick. Fossickers are advised that any consents issued prior to the trial commencing in September will remain valid for the stated period of time.

The trial of two week consents serves to assist fossickers in undertaking obligations and precautions under the Mineral Titles Act including:

  • notifying landholders when entering and leaving pastoral land
  • ensuring no camping or fossicking takes place within 2km of a homestead
  • not taking pets onto pastoral property
  • ensuring all rubbish is removed when leaving the property.

Two week consents apply to the following areas popular with fossickers:

  • Margaret Diggings
  • Spring Hill South
  • Wave Hill Extension

The trial will be reviewed at the end of the year, and further information regarding consents will be issued in early 2019.

Fossickers are invited to review the code of conduct and Mineral Titles Act for further information about fossicking in the Northern Territory. You can download the application forms here.

The department's Mineral Titles Office can be contacted by emailing or calling 8999 5322.

An image of buckets and tools used for fossicking.
Northern Territory Government fossicking consents will be issued for up to two weeks at a time.

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