Recreational fishing opportunities boosted


The first of five trial fish  attraction device (FADs) has been dropped into the ocean just off Dundee Beach  to help enhance and expand recreational fishing opportunities in the Territory.

The FADs will help support the long-term fishing  sustainability of key fishery resources, expand recreational fishing  opportunities and enhance the Northern Territory as a tourism fishing  destination.

The deployment of FADs is an important tool to help reduce  the pressure on our ‘at risk’ reef fish by providing easier access to pelagic  species that are less susceptible to the effects of barotrauma and are more  suitable as catch and release targets.

In considering design and location of a network of FADs,  specific attention was paid to shifting fishing  pressure away from those reef species that are the vulnerable to  overfishing.

Scientific evidence has shown golden snapper and black  jewfish are being overfished and that the sustainability of several popular  coastal reef fish species has come under threat in recent years. The idea of  the FADs are to attract small bait fish which then attract bigger fish right up  the food chain, creating fishing hot spots for pelagic species.

The trial  FADs will be monitored to provide feedback on design and deployment locations,  and reports from anglers about their experience fishing the FADs is welcome.

FADs are not  designed as mooring devices; Mooring can result in anchors dragging or even  worse, FADs breaking free and becoming lost. The effectiveness of a FAD is  maximised when it is left in place for long periods of time.

To find the coordinates of the Dundee FAD, visit the NT Goverment website or download the Fishing Mate App.


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