Northern Territory mangoes negotiated into South Australian markets


The Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR), Biosecurity Queensland, and Biosecurity South Australia have successfully negotiated market access for Northern Territory (NT) mango growers into South Australia, following an SA withdrawal from operational procedures in July.

On the 25 July 2018, Biosecurity South Australia advised DPIR and Biosecurity Queensland that the Interstate Certificate Assurance (ICA-19) and Hard Mature Condition (HMC-01) of mangoes would no longer be accepted, as the SA Government investigated numerous fruit fly interceptions during the last mango season.

Under a tight timeframe, and with the 2018/2019 mango harvest season looming, the NT DPIR Plant Biosecurity Division, in partnership with Biosecurity Queensland, negotiated an interim procedure, ‘CTM01 – Condition and Treatment of Mangoes’, and commenced initial audits to ensure all affected growers were familiar with the operational changes prior to harvest.

The Northern Territory Farmers Association, the Australian Mango Industry Association and individual growers were consulted in the modification and adoption of the new procedure.

Following the conclusion of the 2018/19 mango season, Queensland and the NT will take the lead role in amending and seeking national endorsement of a revised protocol and procedure based on the interim requirements.

Mango growers with any enquiries regarding the agreement can contact the Plant Biosecurity division on 8999 2118.

A box of ripe mangoes
This season's mangoes have been negotiated into South Australian markets under 'CTM01 - Condition and Treatment of Mangoes'.

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