Million dollar fish season four opens


Season four of the Territory’s iconic Million Dollar Fish competition has now kicked off.

It’s important that local and visiting anglers remember to fish safely and responsibly while trying their luck at catching one of the tagged barra.

This year’s competition will see the number of $1 million fish increased to five, and the extended season runs from 1 October 2018 to 31 March 2019.

There will also be 100 fish worth $10,000 each, and a special new category of 20 fish, with purple tags, worth $2,500 cash to the angler plus $2,500 to a Territory-based charity.

A great tool for recreational fishers is the free app, NT Fishing Mate, which is available for Apple and Android smart phones. NT Fishing Mate is there to help recreational fishers know the rules and know which areas are open to fishing.

It contains information about boat ramps, rules for fishing in specific areas, reef fish protection areas, and water safety. It checks your location even while closed to let you know of restricted areas near boat ramps.

The app can also be used to report suspect fishing activities, dead or injured marine life, pests or problems to Fisheries NT.

You can also follow the Fisheries NT Facebook page for all the latest tips and information about sustainable fishing in the Territory

It is important to always be Crocwise when around Top End waters. Information about crocodile safety is available on the NT.GOV.AU website and the NT Fishing Mate app

Once the first major prize fish is caught, the remaining four $1 million fish will become $10,000 fish. If the $1 million fish is not caught within the competition timeframe, all five fish will remain active post-competition between 31 March 2019 to 30 September 2019, with the first to be caught awarding the participant $1 million.

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