Limited foundation-related construction approved at MRM


An amendment to the existing McArthur River Mine (MRM) Mining Management Plan (MMP) has been approved which allows foundation-related construction at the Charlie stage of the Central West area of the Northern Overburden Emplacement Facility. The Central West site is split into three stages known as Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Alpha and Bravo have been previously approved and are in use.

The activities approved are limited to:

  • clearing an area that falls within the mine’s currently approved footprint
  • preparing the in-situ soil materials to required engineering specifications
  • construction of an overlying 0.5m thick Compacted Clay Liner (CCL) to approved specifications
  • placement of a 1m thick benign rock armour above the CCL.

The works are consistent with the current, permitted mining activity under the approved 2013-2015 MMP and within the currently approved 2013-2015 MMP footprint. The approval does not allow for any placement of non-benign waste rock in the Central West Charlie.

The placement of non-benign waste rock on the Charlie stage is not authorised by this approval. Management of the non-benign waste rock is the subject of the Overburden Management Project Environmental Impact Statement, which is yet to receive approval.

MRM has engaged an independent certifying engineer to oversee and certify the construction work to make sure the work meets the design specifications and intent.

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