Industry standard for crocodilian farming


A draft International Standard on Crocodilian Farming has been developed for the International Crocodilian Farmers Association (ICFA) with input from members and industry experts, including Dr Kevin De Witte, Chief Veterinary Officer with the Department of Primary Industry and Resources, who travelled to New Orleans, Louisiana, to contribute welfare and standards development expertise.

The document aims to be the basis for the ICFA industry quality assurance scheme to support a sustainable industry. The Standard includes requirements of the following aspects of crocodilian farming:

  • Crocodilian health, welfare and biosecurity.
  • Responsible use of veterinarian medicines.
  • Traceability and product integrity.
  • Organisational management and personnel competence.
  • Biodiversity, environmental and emergency management.
  • Acknowledgement of the need to fulfil jurisdictional compliance requirements.

Crocodilian production is a global industry involving 10 countries, with Australia occupying the top of the premium leather market.

The industry standards will apply to the Northern Territory (NT) requiring some farms to modify their infrastructure and practices to meet market requirements. The NT is well positioned to satisfy the proposed standards and maintain a premium export production line.

Credit is due to industry members led by the NT Crocodile Farmers Association for forming the ICFA which has responsibly invested and created a global industry standard.

An image of Dr Kevin de Witte, Department of Primary Industry and Resources Chief Veterinary Officer
The department's Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Kevin de Witte, travelled to New Orleans, Louisiana to contribute expertise.

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