Business innovation strategy to ignite, inspire and intensify the Territory’s innovation culture


The first ever Northern Territory Business Innovation Strategy was launched as part of October Business Month’s Innovation Week.

Innovation is a key lever to accelerate economic growth, driving Territory businesses to be more competitive, profitable and sustainable.

The strategy aims to ignite, inspire and intensify a culture of innovation among Territory businesses.

Ignite: create and strengthen connections, collaborations and strategic partnerships with innovators, businesses, educational institutions, non-government organisations, industry bodies and investors.

Inspire: unlock innovation and entrepreneurial talent through tailored events, support services and programs.

Intensify: supporting innovators and entrepreneurs to access the funding and the support they need to achieve commercial success.

Some of the key actions from the strategy that are already underway include:

  • the world-class Business Acceleration Program
  • an Innovator in Residence program to provide Territory innovators and businesses access to expert mentoring
  • BISI grants - helping businesses undertake research and development which could lead to new products, processes or services
  • a bigger and better Innovation Week to inspire innovative thinking.

Showcasing and celebrating our own innovators is another key part of the strategy. From slash proof protective clothing, a virtual veterinary clinic and world class 3D printing technology, the Territory has already fostered some brilliant innovative ideas.

For more information or to view the strategy go to

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