Fisheries move to Darwin Corporate Park


From Monday 12 November, all Fisheries staff will be relocated from Berrimah Farm to the department’s new fisheries office – located within the Darwin Corporate Park at 33 Vaughan Street, Berrimah.

The new purpose-built building includes a boat shed, laboratories and storage areas.

The new fisheries office is accessed via the Stuart Highway and Jessop Crescent.

Please note that Fisheries Licensing will be closed Monday 12 November and Tuesday 13 November to accommodate the move.

Landline numbers will divert to mobiles during the move.

For further information, please call 8999 2144

An image of the new fisheries office at 33 Vaughan Street, Berrimah.
The department's fisheries staff are relocating to 33 Vaughan Street, Berrimah.

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