Fingerlings released into Manton Dam


Barramundi stocks have been replenished at popular fishing spot Manton Dam.

100,000 barramundi fingerlings were released into Manton Dam on Tuesday 6 March as part of an annual restocking program.

Barramundi need salt water to breed, meaning the population in Manton Dam, which is a freshwater reservoir, is unable to reproduce and the annual restocking is vital to sustaining the barramundi population in the dam.

The fingerlings were 40-50mm long when released and were bred and grown at the Darwin Aquaculture Centre (DAC).

The barra fingerlings are bred in salt water at DAC and gradually introduced to increasing amounts of freshwater in the week leading up to their release to avoid stressing them.

The fingerlings were released at several sheltered areas across the dam to give them the best chance of survival.

In January, the fish containment net was replaced at Manton Dam to prevent barramundi escaping from the dam when water levels rise with heavy Wet season rain. The previous net had been installed in 1996 and required replacing.

DAC has been stocking barra fingerlings into Manton Dam since 2004.

Manton Dam is about 70 km south of Darwin and is a popular fishing area known for barramundi and saratoga.

Barramundi fingerlings are scooped out of the tank ready for release
Barramundi fingerlings ready for release into Manton Dam.

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