Strong results in annual bull sale


Seventy six bulls have sold at an average price of $2961 from the 80 that were up for auction on Wednesday 20 June in the Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR) annual bull sale.

The top selling bull this year was a 391kg, scurred Brahman that sold for $7000.

DPIR Pastoral Research Officer Whitney Dollemore said the average sale price of the bulls that sold this year was similar to last year’s average sale.

“We’re really happy with how the sale went,” Ms Dollemore said.

“Last year was a really good sale year for us and this year has almost matched it. We had a strong group of Brahman bulls

Ms Dollemore said the DPIR breeding program develops cattle that are productive and adapted to the climate and conditions in the Northern Territory.

“The bulls up for sale were selected for high yearling and 18-month weight, and are the progeny of cows that have a low age of puberty and are able to reconceive whilst lactating, a trait that will be passed on to their daughters who become the makeup of the breeder herd.”

The majority of bulls in this year’s sale were born in 2016.

The bulls were auctioned online by AuctionsPlus. This is the fifth year the department has conducted its annual bull sale online.

Surplus female stock from the same breeding program were auctioned on Thursday 21 June. There were 83 Brahman offered of which 67 sold at an average sale price of $1928. The highest selling female Brahman sold for $3200.

All 63 Composite that were offered were sold at $1500 each.

The highest selling bull at the DPIR bull sale
The highest selling bull at the 2018 bull sale sold for $7000.

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