Safety works at Tennant Creek


The Northern Territory Government is currently letting two tenders for legacy mine sites located nearby Tennant Creek which will provide opportunities for local jobs.

Recent site inspections by the Department of Primary Industry and Resources in the Tennant Creek area have identified priority open mine workings such as. shafts, open stopes and adits require work to ensure they are made safe in the interest of improving public safety.

These works are the third phase of site safety works to undertaken within Tennant Creek.

Works covered in the tender will improve the safety of 13 open mine workings  including shafts, open stopes and adits using a combination of backfilling, grate covers, chain link fences and signage.

The site of the works are small mines and a quarry located nearby Tennant Creek. The sites have been divided into two main areas;

  • Lone Star/Plain Jane area located about 9 km north east of Tennant Creek. The area is accessible by a dirt and gravel track that turns northwards off the Kaczinsky Road. The area is located about 8 km north east along the track.
  • The quarry is located 14 km north of Tennant Creek and 1.2 km north of Kunjarra/The Pebbles. Kunjarra is an Aboriginal sacred site known to the Waramungu people, as a significant women’s dancing place for the Munga Munga Dreaming. A portion of Kunjarra is open to the public, including a camping ground and car park.

The works are to be funded by the Mining Remediation Fund (MRF). Amendments made to the Mining Management Act in 2013 led to the establishment of the MRF. Funds held within the MRF are to used undertake works to reduce the level of impact legacy mines have on the environment and public safety.

The Northern Territory Government has prioritised these sites due to their close proximity to town and evidence of people going to these locations. The works will make these areas safer for residents and visitors to Tennant Creek.

A local development strategy which includes increasing the local development and value adding weighting in tenders beyond the 30% minimum to 40% is providing opportunities for local businesses.

Similar safety works were completed in the Eldorado Area, Burnt Shirt and Town areas over the previous two year by a local Tennant Creek contractor which included employment of local Indigenous people


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