Mango Research and Development Forum attracts top researchers


Collaboration was the theme at the recent Department of Primary Industry and Resources Mango Research and Development Forum, held in Darwin and Katherine in early May.

The forum hosted several interstate researchers providing growers with the opportunity to hear about the latest collaborative research in yield forecasting with satellite imagery, sensor technologies, small orchards project and a new insect pest trapping techniques.

Over 30 growers and service providers participated in the forum, with researchers and department staff joining the mango grower groups to collaborate, learn and discuss mango research and development.

Presenters included:

  • Professor Kerry Walsh and Nick Anderson (Central Queensland University)
  • Dr Hamish Campbell and Amelie Corriveau (Charles Darwin University)
  • Dr Geoff Dickinson (Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries)
  • Raj Pandeya (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Acting Professor Andrew Robson (University of New England)
  • Stacey Cook (University of Queensland)
  • Umar Muhammad (University of Tasmania)
  • Dr Cameron McConchie, Dr Mila Bristow and Dr Brian Thistleton (Northern Territory DPIR)

New extension staff, Andrew Philip and Camilla Philip from NT Farmers Association and Dr Matt Hall, Senior Horticulture Extension Officer and Dr Thilini Ekanayake, Regional Entomologist from the department  were introduced to the forum participants.

According to Dr Matt Hall, “the forums were a great platform to engage with growers and stakeholders. Recent research and development in the agtech and orchard management spaces were discussed and are showing great potential to improve the forecasting and profitability of mango production.”

Information was on the agenda at the DPIR Mango Research Forum held in Darwin in May 2018
Information was on the agenda at the DPIR Mango Research Forum held in Darwin in May 2018

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