Where would you like to see more fish?


Territorians can share their ideas about where artificial reefs and fish aggregating devices (FADs) could be placed in the greater Darwin area to boost recreational fishing opportunities.

Darwin-based company Cardno was appointed in September 2017 to undertake a scoping study and provide technical recommendations on the development of artificial reefs and FADs.

As part of the study, Cardno is looking at effective locations for artificial reefs and FADs in the greater Darwin area and community input is being sought to complement the biological and technical information.

An artificial reef is a carefully engineered underwater structure built to promote marine life. It is used to create a new habitat for fish to help increase numbers and reduce pressure on existing natural reef and fish stocks.

FADs, like buoys or floats, are used on or below the ocean's surface and are anchored to the bottom. They attract species more suited to catch and release such as tuna, trevally, queenfish, mackerel and billfish.

A long-term program of building artificial reefs and installing FADs will help boost recreational fishing opportunities and support the long-term sustainability of key fishery resources.

For more information or to complete the survey visit the Artificial reef and fish aggregating devices - Have your say page on the Department of Primary Industry and Resources website.

The survey closes on 19 February 2018.

Image from the survey website

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