Team NT announced


A team of three eminent Territorians have been brought together to sell the Northern Territory’s (NT) investment, business and lifestyle prospects nationally and internationally.

Former Chief Minister, Clare Martin;  leading business man Dick Guit  and former NT Government chief executive, Paul Tyrrell form Team NT.

The team have been charged with bringing new investment to the Territory to create local jobs, drive economic opportunities and boost our population.

The Team NT approach will build on the success of past joint international and national missions between government, industry and business.

The group have significant expertise in attracting investment and international engagement, Clare Martin and Paul Tyrrell helped deliver a number of major projects to the NT, and Dick Guit has been a leading business man in the NT for years.

The group will form part of a broader three-tier Team NT approach which will also include joint engagement and investment missions with industry and business, and engaging the broader business and community sectors as advocates for the Territory.

Members of Team NT

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