Quarantine fees waived for citrus fruit going interstate


Fees for fruit, farm and packing shed quarantine inspections will be waived for registered commercial citrus growers exporting fruit to interstate markets.

Citrus fruit going interstate is subject to additional quarantine inspections and audits since the identification of the citrus canker disease in the Territory.

The additional inspections are required under the national citrus canker response plan, and provide confidence to interstate markets and growers that the fruit is disease fee.

Registered commercial growers will have fees waived for these inspections, which are outside of their normal business practices and can impact the market competitiveness of their produce. The fees can be waived following amendments to the Plant Health (Fees) Regulations.

Currently, four commercial growers in the Territory have completed the required accreditation for interstate trade, ensuring limes, lemons, grapefruit and pomelo from the NT continue to be enjoyed outside the Territory.

Further information:

Further information on the citrus canker response is available on the Northern Territory Government website.

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