Geologist rocks as STEM Superstar


A mohawked, mustang-driving, rock music chick might not be the typical image of a scientist, however geologist Dr Verity Normington is breaking down stereotypes.

A Project Geologist with the Department of Primary Industry and Resources, Dr Normington has been announced as one of the 2019 Superstars of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) run by Science and Technology Australia.

She is one of 60 women across Australia who have been awarded this prestigious honour.

Superstars of STEM aims to smash society’s gender assumptions about scientists and increase the public visibility of women in STEM.

Superstars of STEM was created for a critical mass of celebrity Australian female scientists and technologists - role models for young women and girls – and to work towards equal representation in the media of women and men working in all fields in STEM.

Dr Normington believes challenging this type of stereotype is the first step in ensuring that the voice of science and STEM is void of gender and other biases.

Dr Normington’s work currently focusses on the Amadeus Basin, where she uses sedimentology, geochronology and other geoscience disciplines to characterise rocks over a billion years old.

She is passionate about supporting Early Career Geoscientists (ECGs) to remain within the geoscience community and is an advocate for diversity.

Over five years the Superstars of STEM program will have equipped 150 female scientists and technologists with advanced communication skills and provided them with genuine opportunities to use these skills

The first year of the two-year program will focus on professional development through a series of five workshops and the second year will focus on providing participants opportunities to practice their new skills through media and speaking opportunities in schools and on high-profile stages.

A profile picture of Verity Normington
Verity Normington, Project Geologist, has been announced as one of the 2019 Superstars of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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