Restricted movement of citrus


The Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR) is asking the public to check their citrus plants for the suspected citrus canker disease.

DPIR continues to work closely with industry and the community to manage the risk of citrus canker in the NT and to help eradicate the disease.

Interstate trading partners have taken steps to restrict movement of citrus canker hosts (including fruit, plants and plant material) from the Northern Territory as a temporary measure to minimise any risk of spread, following the suspected detection of Citrus Canker.

The movement control order has been made to assist in preventing the spread of Citrus Canker, caused by the bacterium, Xanthomanas citri subsp. citri which can affect all citrus plants.

Testing for citrus canker on species is continuing and tracing of the disease is a priority of the department.

Territorians with citrus plants are asked to please check them for symptoms, not to move the plants and to contact the department if you think the plant may be infected with the disease.

If you think you have a plant with citrus canker you can submit your photos and contact details via the new online form or contact the citrus canker hotline on 1800 931 722 or email

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