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The Northern Territory Designated Area Migration Agreement (NT DAMA) is an employer-sponsored visa program which comes under the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482 labour agreement stream). An individual worker cannot apply for a visa independently under the NT DAMA. They should look for a job with an Northern Territory business who will sponsor them.

There are several steps in the NT DAMA process.


Your business needs to apply to the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade for endorsement. Fill the form below and submit with the supporting documentation in the checklist.

Request for endorsement under the NT DAMA DOCX (187.6 KB)


Checklist of supporting documentation
1. Request for endorsement under the NT DAMA form
2. Form 956 (if a registered migration agent is assisting this application)
3. Business registration documents:
  1. business registration and if any business name change registrations
  2. ASIC
  3. ABN, ACN
  4. trust deed (if applicable)
4. Business profile, may include:
  1. website extracts
  2. promotional material
5. Evidence of the business is operating in the Northern Territory (NT). May include:
  1. lease agreement
  2. contracts and invoices from suppliers / customers
  3. letter from accountant stating 12 months operation, net assets, profit / loss and turnover
  4. business capability statement / promotional material referencing NT operation
6. Job descriptions for each requested position
7. Organisation chart less than six months old, requested positions must be displayed
8. Financial statement for the financial year and business activity statement for the last 12 months immediately preceding application
9. Statutory declaration about adverse information, attach evidence of outcome (if any)
For more information on adverse information go to the Department of Home Affairs website
10. Summary of domestic recruitment efforts form for each requested position
  1. copies of at least two job advertisements in a reputable website / newspaper / industry websites (not general classifieds) with national reach
  2. invoices received by recruitment agencies (if used)
  3. evidence to prove the nominated positions have been advertised for 28 consecutive days. For example, screenshots from the start and end of advertising, receipts showing duration. Please note that the Department of Home Affairs requires that advertising must have been completed during the four months prior to submitting a nomination. Nomination occurs well after NT Government endorsement so evidence supplied to NT Government should show very recent advertising
Evidence must be compliant with current Department of Home Affairs labour market testing requirements, for more information on labour market testing requirements go to the Department of Home Affairs website
11. Statement on why the business is not using the standard 482 and the impact of negative result (if the business is not endorsed to access the NT DAMA)
12. Evidence to prove the nominee receives terms and conditions no less favourable than those provided to an Australian citizen or permanent resident:
  1. employment contract for a current or former Australian or Australian permanent resident employee in the same level position
  2. recent payslips for a current or former Australian or Australian permanent resident employee in the same level position or
  3. any other evidence of market salary levels for the position
Please provide this evidence for each requested position
  1. Employment contract outlining terms and conditions clearly, including a breakdown of the salary, superannuation and any non-monetary components
  2. relevant enterprise agreement / award for the position (if applicable)
  3. pay slips - if an intended nominee is already employed in the position.
Please provide above evidence for each requested position
14. Evidence supporting application for Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) concession (if applicable)
  1. as per the above, the employment contract must detail the remuneration package including salary, superannuation, housing, overtime, bonuses etc
  2. other evidence supporting TSMIT concession request.
Please read TSMIT concession information

Submit your electronic application with the above supporting documents clearly labelled in separate PDF files to or mail a hardcopy to:

Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade
GPO Box 3200
Darwin NT 0801

If your business is eligible to access NT DAMA, a letter of endorsement and copies of the supporting documents will be sent to the Australian Government and your business.

Your businesses can then apply for a labour agreement through their ImmiAccount.

Your business identifies an overseas worker that is suitably skilled and experienced for the occupation that has NT DAMA approval. You must provide each worker with a settlement package (which will be provided to you) before the worker lodges their visa application.

Under some occupations the department must verify whether the overseas worker, that the businesses intends to nominate, has qualifications and / or experience that match those required for the nominated NT DAMA occupation.

When the verification is completed the department will issue a skills verification letter to be included with the overseas workers visa application.

Your business submits a nomination application to the Australian Government for every overseas worker you want to employ under the NT DAMA using your ImmiAccount.

Your overseas worker can then apply for a visa.

Last updated: 11 July 2019

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