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Who can sponsor prospective workers under the Northern Territory Designated Area Migration Agreement (NT DAMA)?

Northern Territory (NT) businesses with well-established operations in the NT for a minimum of 12 months. Find out more about how businesses are assessed as being eligible.

Can businesses sponsor prospective workers currently residing overseas under the NT DAMA?

NT employers can sponsor workers residing in Australia or overseas from any country.

Does the labour market testing apply under the NT DAMA?

Yes, find out more about how businesses are assessed as being eligible.

Does the Skilling Australian Fund levy apply under the NT DAMA?

Yes, for more information read the Skilling Australian Fund levy.

Can prospective workers apply for a visa under the NT DAMA independently?

No. The NT DAMA is an employer-sponsored visa program which comes under the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482 labour agreement stream) and the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional ) visa (subclass 494 labour agreement stream). Businesses must apply to the NT Government to access the NT DAMA for the occupations, concessions and number of workers they require.

If the business is endorsed by the NT Government and if the Australian Government signs a labour agreement with the business, they can then submit nomination applications for the appropriately skilled workers they have identified.

A worker interested in a visa cannot apply independently.

Will the NT Government recommend businesses that may want to sponsor prospective workers under the NT DAMA?

No. The NT Government does not connect those interested in a visa with businesses who are endorsed, or may be interested in applying to be endorsed, under the NT DAMA. Find out more about looking for jobs in the Northern Territory.

Will the prospective workers be guaranteed permanent residency under the NT DAMA?

No. Workers must meet the eligibility requirements for permanent residency under the NT DAMA. The current pathway to permanent residency is through the subclass 186 (labour agreement stream) permanent residency sponsorship in an employer’s choice.

What visa will be granted to a nominee worker under the NT DAMA?

A worker who is successfully sponsored under the NT DAMA is granted a subclass 482/494 visa (labour agreement streams).

Who will grant the visa under the NT DAMA?

The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs makes all visa decisions.

Is there age limit on the applicant?

The subclass 482 does not have an age limit, however businesses and workers aspiring to access the permanent residence pathway must be aware that this has an age limit of 54 years old (cannot have turned 55) at time of permanent residence nomination.

Similarly, the subclass 494 does have an age limit of 55 years of age for skill levels 1 to 4 for the permanent residence pathway; and 45 for Skill level 5 occupations when accessing the permanent residence pathway.

Last updated: 25 March 2022

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