Western Davenport Horticulture Precinct

The Western Davenport is an emerging farming precinct with opportunities for horticulture production.

The region covers approximately 28,761 square kilometres (2,876,100 hectares). The main population centre is Ali Curung (Alekarenge), located approximately 150kms south of Tennant Creek.

The climate and natural resources of this region have been identified by the Territory Government as highly suitable for horticultural development. A large storage of good quality groundwater lies beneath soils that are conducive to horticulture.

Other advantages of the region include proximity to major transport routes, abundant sunshine, cool winters, low frost risk, low humidity, different harvest times from more established farming regions and low levels of pests.

Research by the Territory Government and its partners has identified potential for production of a diverse range of crops, including stone fruit, nuts, and temperate and subtropical fruits.

Studies on soil and water have been undertaken by the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security. To find out more, go to the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security website.

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Last updated: 23 December 2021

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