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Jackfruit improvement

Working in partnership with plant industry enterprises, this project aims to increase profitability, sustainability and product quality of jackfruit.

Tropical tree fruit research and development in the Philippines and northern Australia to increase productivity, resilience and profitability

In this project, jackfruit was used as a model crop to investigate the benefits of nursery hygiene, production technology and processing to support industry development. Integrated disease management techniques were explored, with a particular focus on reducing the incidence of Phytophthora diseases in nursery and orchard production stages. Propagation techniques, seed treatments, rootstock selection and grafting techniques were evaluated.

This project addressed the potential of interspecies rootstock / scion combinations to improve disease resistance and to suppress tree vigour. Investigations of crop management options to improve yield and fruit quality showed that strategic pruning and nutrient management are potential tools for flowering manipulation, increasing shoot development and spreading crop production.

A range of novel processing procedures were explored for jackfruit value-added products. The project demonstrates that jackfruit has potential for high density production techniques, such as trellising, which improves fruit quality, ease of harvesting and cyclone resistance.

Read final report on the Australian Government's Australian Centre of International Agriculture Research website.

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Last updated: 15 December 2021

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