Commercialisation of tropical passionfruit

The Department of Primary Industry and Resources’ (DPIR) research has delivered promising new passionfruit varieties adapted to Top End and Katherine conditions. In line with the Department’s commitment to the development of agribusinesses and delivering greater ‘on farm’ impact of its research work, these varieties are now being offered for commercialisation.

We are now seeking proposals from proponents who have commercial nursery and production capabilities. Commercialisation represents the opportunity to capitalise on years of research to produce a locally grown, high quality fruit that looks and tastes superb.

The successful proponent will be offered:

  • access to hybrid germplasm adapted to tropical conditions and selected for high fruit quality
  • germplasm that is free from passionfruit woodiness virus offering extended productivity through longer vine life
  • potential for product supply to the high price domestic market window of October/November which has limited supply by southern Australian production
  • exclusive access to potential new hybrids currently under assessment
  • access to DPIR’s horticultural expertise to assist in project delivery.

Full details of the Request for Proposal process are available below:

Submission of Proposals closed on 28 February 2018 the assessment panel is currently evaluating the Proposals received.

Further information

For further information proponents are invited to email the Project Manager.

Information provided by the Project Manager has been posted on this site.


Project Manager

Last updated: 02 February 2018

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