Supporting information for your application

You must include all of the following information in your application for a petroleum exploration permit.

Particulars of applicant

Provide the name, home and postal address, contact details or Australian Company Number for each person or entity involved. Show their proposed interest in the title. If the applicant is a foreign company, provide the Australia Registered Body Number (ARBN).

If there are more than two applicants you must state the proposed sharing arrangement.

Particulars of release area

Provide the following information:

  • a schedule of blocks being described, using the name/s of a map sheet/s - eg Darwin SD52 -  of the 1:1 000 000 series and the number of graticular sections.
  • a map clearly showing the application area and the boundaries of existing permit or licence areas in the immediate vicinity.

Assessment of release area

Provide your technical assessment of the petroleum potential of the area.

Include a geological and geophysical review and technical assessments, and the basis of your proposed exploration program.

Include the following:

  • your assessment of the release area, including potential petroleum systems, and plays within the release area
  • any prospects and leads mapped within the area, including supporting material such as images, interpreted seismic sections and horizon maps
  • the data and/or studies the technical evaluation is based on
  • any geological and geophysical studies, seismic interpretation, mapping or other related work
  • how you will use existing data in the proposed work program.

Exploration strategy

Describe your exploration strategy and link the technical evaluation with the proposed work program.

Your strategy should have the potential to significantly advance the assessment and understanding of the petroleum potential of the release area.

It should explain how the release area will be explored over the permit term, including how the different areas of work will investigate the plays, prospects and leads identified in the technical evaluation of the area.

Work program

Exploration must advance the overall exploration effort.  It must follow your exploration strategy and be based on the technical evaluation of the release area.

Activities must be described clearly and be unambiguous.

How to describe the work program

Your proposed work program should include all of the following information:

  • estimated expenditure in Australian dollars for each activity – show how the estimate has been calculated
  • the number of line kilometres, and proposed line spacing and/or square kilometres, of new 2D seismic data that will be acquired and processed including:
    • full fold numbers
    • a map showing the indicative location of the 2D lines outline – identify all existing seismic surveys on this map
    • the extent and method of the seismic acquisition and processing that will be done, if known
  • details of the data you intend to reprocess, including:
    • the number of line kilometres of 2D seismic data
    • a map showing the location of the 2D lines survey outline - identify all existing seismic surveys
    • he extent and method of the seismic acquisition and processing that will be done, if known
  • how many exploration wells will be drilled, including indicative plays and target play levels
  • the type, scope and objectives of any studies
  • how you will incorporate existing datasets with proposed data reprocessing or new geophysical studies
  • the conceptual locations/targets/purpose of other proposed operational activity or surveying.

Technical criteria

The work program must meet the following technical requirements:

  • initial work should align with later elements of the plan including justifying the number and type of wells - this should be supported by the number and maturity of  plays, prospects and/or leads identified - ie work should be able to proceed on a dry hole basis
  • only include activities within the permit area - clearly identify any work, studies or reprocessing that will be done outside the permit area
  • you may include work to appraise a known petroleum accumulation in an area - it must be clearly differentiated from exploration activities unless it includes a significant exploration component
  • the minimum acceptable work program will depend on the size of the area, its location and  prospectivity. Minimum expected work is :
    • new activities such as data acquisition and/or well/s drilling - this will  depend on level of previous exploration of the area, if any
    • reprocessing and/or geophysical and geological studies to enable a play, lead or prospect to be identified and progressed toward maturing a drillable target.
    • you may reprocess existing seismic data instead of acquiring new data if an area is fully covered by 2D seismic data - reprocessing should be from raw data or the quality controlled traces and use techniques not already used on the area
    • you should drill at least one exploration well in well-explored areas with good data coverage - the well should be in years one to four.

Typical five-year- work program

A typical five-year work program should include  - but not be limited to - the following:



1 and 2

  • Geophysical and geological   surveys
  • Field geological surveys
  • Desktop geophysical and   geological studies
  • 2D/3D seismic surveys -   should be detailed, eg biochemistry, geochemistry or standard prospect   evaluation.


More geophysical and geological surveys, data processing and interpretation or drilling of wells


  • Drilling one or more wells
  • Geophysical and geological   studies or surveys.


  • Analysis of data and   interpretation of the results to identify prospective areas of the permit for   retention, production, renewal or relinquishment.
  • Continue further testing
  • Reservoir and geological studies.

Technical and financial capacity

You must provide evidence you have the technical and financial capacity to carry out your work program.  Include all of the following information:

  • the names of all professional staff who will work on the program, and their technical experience
  • proof you have enough funding to complete the first two years of the program, and that further funds will be available for the remaining years
  • for a public company, include your last annual report and the most recent quarterly report to the stock exchange - if not a public company, provide a report that gives equivalent information
  • a statement of other financial  commitments outside the work program and other  sources of finance – include a list of interested in petroleum tenements in other states of Australia.


You must give details of who the exploration operator will be and evidence they have the technical expertise to conduct the work program.

Last updated: 03 September 2016

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