Small Mines Safety Program

The Small Mines Safety Program aims to address risks to public safety from early mines.

These mines were small in scale and typically managed by individuals rather than large companies.

Any ongoing impacts were commonly associated with safety risks from mine workings or open shafts.

A risk-based approach is used for the prioritisation and planning of works.


The Tennant Creek mineral field was given priority for safety work due to the close proximity and density of the mines near the town.

Safety works are required to safeguard open shafts/mine voids located in the Tennant Creek goldfield.

There are approximately 150 legacy mine sites in the goldfield.

To date, an estimated one-third of the small legacy mines in Tennant Creek have been safeguarded through the program.

The program has also delivered small mine safety works at:

  • Hatches Creek
  • Arltunga Historical Reserve.


Planning has commenced to expand the Small Mines Safety Program to other regions in the Territory.

Last updated: 24 October 2022

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