Rum Jungle rehabilitation plan

The proposed rehabilitation plan, outlined in detail within the draft environmental impact statement (EIS), aims to target the remediation of existing acid and metalliferous drainage contamination sources and the interruption of other contaminant source-pathway-receptor linkages.

It also aims to address, as far as achievable, the physical aspects of the site that require remediation - namely the flow path of the East Branch of the Finniss River and the quality of fluvial landscapes.

While the primary objective of this project is to restore the environmental condition onsite and downstream of the mine, the secondary objective is to create stable landforms to support future land use.

Environmental impact statement

The draft environmental impact statement (EIS) and supplementary report are with Northern Territory Environmental Protection Authority (NTEPA) for assessment.

All project documentation relating to the environmental assessment can be viewed below.

The below are the appendices and supporting documentation.

Last updated: 29 April 2022

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