Legacy Mines Unit

The Legacy Mines Unit (LMU) manages the Mining Remediation Fund that is used to address the impacts of legacy mines.

This includes delivering work to minimise or rectify the safety risks and environmental harm caused by legacy mines.

Strategic plan 2021 - 2025

The LMU’s strategic plan outlines the priorities for the short to medium term. It aims to:

  • minimise the safety risks and environmental impacts of legacy mines
  • ensure legacy mine projects have long-term sustainable outcomes.

The plan has 5 key goals to deliver consistent and transparent decision-making using a risk assessment and evidence based approach.

This is to ensure public confidence in the regulatory system.

Read more below or get the legacy mines strategic plan PDF (14.7 MB).

Key goals

The strategic plan includes the following key goals.

Goal 1 - strong governance

Key deliverables are to:

  • implement a strong governance framework
  • develop standardised risk assessment and prioritisation guidelines.

Goal 2 -  effective stakeholder management

Key deliverables are to:

  • develop and implement program and project level stakeholder engagement plans
  • establish a Legacy Mines Advisory Panel.

Goal 3 - published inventory of unsecured mining features

Key deliverable is to conduct an audit of unsecured mining features on active sites.

Goal 4 – an ongoing program of remediation activity

Key deliverables include:

  • complete risk assessments
  • implement prioritised program of works
  • deliver remediation activities at former Redbank Mine site
  • expand and progress small mines safety works.

Goal 5 - recognise environmental priorities

Key deliverable is to have legislative amendments to the Mining Management Act 2001.

Last updated: 31 March 2022

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